Open and Extensible

Focused on reliability, safety, and risk assessment, our iQT product is a highly extensible framework that provides common infrastructure for any kind of system modeling.

The capable nature of iQT is achieved by an existing Java platform foundation that is widely supported in your business environment. By following the predefined interface, your team has the ability to create plug-ins that extend the capabilities of iQT. The following are examples of possible iQT extensions:

  • New editors or viewers for a given model (file) type
  • New quantification model types
  • New result types
  • New analysis engines

The well-established core services of this platform provide the essential functionality to model and analyze reliability, risk and safety projects. Regardless of the configuration of a particular installation, the core services are available in the framework.

All extensions are highly modular. By allowing capabilities to be added to or removed from the software without affecting other extensions, new functionality, perhaps a new prediction standard, can be added without requiring reconfiguration or redesign of the source code.

iQT is a fully functional open environment, supporting the addition of third-party plug-ins such as:

  • Version management plug-ins
  • Project management plug-ins
  • Third-party computational environment tools (e.g. MATLAB)
  • Third-party modeling tools (e.g. data analysis)
  • Documentation tools (e.g. PDF viewers)
  • Search tools


Yes, iQT is unique. It is based upon ITEM Software’s many years of experience in the reliability, safety, and risk assessment industry. Not only will you continue to get accurate and complete results, but now you, and your team, can benefit from a more comprehensive solution for today’s modern work environment.

So, are you open to change?

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Download Demonstration

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ITEM QT Screen Shot

ITEM QT Screen Shot

ITEM QT Screen Shot

ITEM QT Screen Shot

A New Dimension in Reliability, Safety and Risk Assessment